A Simple and Budget-friendly Three-Year Plan to Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space

Is the outdoors one part of your home that you enjoy and love the most? Do you wish to extend your indoor living space outdoors? Thinking of recreating the ultimate outdoor respite that you have longed for in a long time? If you look at most home and gardening magazines, you cannot help but appreciate and think of trying to recreate the scenic outdoor views and outdoor additions that some homes have. Of course, these outdoor spaces have been designed by the professionals themselves, and by looking at your budget, not only will you not be able to afford the right supplies but also the fees that these professionals with charge you.

Fortunately, creating your ideal outdoor space need not use a lot of your money and savings. By coming up with a simple and budget-friendly plan, within three years, you can achieve the idea outdoor space of your dreams in no time.

Year one
During the first year, start with the basic structures found on your outdoor space. Find out if you have some drainage and soil problems and make sure to get rid of overgrown and unwanted plants. To save more of your money, do not be afraid to remove as much from your current landscape as you can that you do not like. If, however, there are some remaining shrubbery and shade trees that you like, you can just keep them still.

Begin the big projects that you have in mind as soon as you can. Most outdoor living additions like patios, decks, and fencing could affect your landscape and kill your plants. You should only begin planting some bushes, trees, grass, and flowers if you are finished with these big projects. Start by planting smaller trees that are cheaper and can be moved better. Do not forget to measure your outdoor space so that you can add some more outdoor accessories and furniture in it.

Year two
After you have made your outdoor groundwork ready, you start purchasing some outdoor items that you have longed for. For better privacy, make sure to include installing some extensive shrubbery as well as flower beds around your fences. Just be sure to plant in numbers that you can better handle. This is also the perfect time for you to lay down your paths.

Make sure to begin buying some outdoor furniture for your outdoor space. Though you cannot afford buying all that you want all at once, it would be wise to begin with the basics. Buy an outdoor dining table made of rattan or wicker materials. They can stand various outside elements, are very easy to clean, and are also comfortable. You can start entertaining your guests in this area and look at what progress you have made with your outdoor space.

Year three
The third year signifies the time where you must be concentrating on the finishing touches of your outdoor area. You can buy more wicker furniture from love seats, covered benches, day beds, or another sectional. This is the time that you can add outdoor accessories like televisions and heating options.


Add decorations to your outdoor space starting with some fabric drapes to colorful throw pillows. Make your outdoor space as personalized as it can be. And last, do not forget to consider your lighting options. have them installed along your path. Be creative!

While on a budget, creating your ideal outdoor space should never be short of creativity.