Extreme Outdoor Activity Suggestions Strictly for Adults


Extreme outdoor activities have certain age range limits for those who cannot do them and those who can. While surfing and paragliding can be done by kids, there are certain outdoor sports that are in no way safe for them to even just give a try. If you say extreme outdoor activities for adults, you have to understand that they are strictly for adults only. If you are an adrenaline junky, this short article will give you some extreme outdoor activity suggestions that you can try. You just have to be sure to prepare a more comprehensive travel insurance just to be sure.

Face down rappelling
When it comes to rappelling, you have the regular one and the extreme one. Regular rappelling is what you typically come across with, which locks you up to a rope for you to scale down a mountain wall vertically. Facedown rappelling, on the other hand, is the extreme version of the regular rappelling. When you do facedown rappelling, as the name implies, a rope will be tied around your waist and you have to make sure to spread your limbs as if you are going skydiving. This particular position allows you to better scale down.

Deep sea diving
Barely away from the shore, you can allow your kids to go with the more basic scuba dive. This can also be exciting and fun on your part; however, as an adult who is an adrenaline junky, you surely want to do something more exciting when going diving and this is the part where deep-sea diving comes into the picture. By doing this particular scuba diving activity, you will be amazed at how deep sea creatures look like, have the time to explore sunken ships by going a hundred meters below the sea’s surface and explore more of underwater treasures.

While on a holiday, do not just limit yourself in doing some jumping and swimming. One extreme activity that you can try doing are joining during vacations are triathlons. The events include swimming, cycling, and running. Usually, your travel insurance company will not like this and will be demanding more from you. When planning to do this activity, be sure to make plans ahead of time as this kind of extreme activity requires the necessary gear as well as scheduling.

Bungee jumping
If you want a blood pumping kind of outdoor activity, then you should go do some bungee jumping. A lot of people prefer to do this activity over skydiving. The main reason being that with bungee jumping you have a rope that you can latch on while with skydiving, only a parachute can save you. This does not imply though that the jump will not be extreme enough because it really is. Even more if you will be doing the bungee jumping over vast bodies of water.

High-altitude mountain climbing (HAMC)
Never think that mountain climbing is not extreme. HAMC has changed the mountain climbing game and is one of the most extreme outdoor activities for adults, particularly if you will be scaling mountains such as Mount Everest. Most trained individuals are never able to be on top of the highest mountains there are. However, if you do this, you are not just challenging your friends but yourself as well. For sure, this is an extreme outdoor activity like no other.