Important Questions to Ask the Company That You Hire for Your Outdoor Movie Event

Outdoor movie events come in inflatable movie screens that let you reminisce the feeling of watching retro drive in movies. With the advancements in technology from portable projectors to inflatable movie screens, you can now host your very own outdoor movie event at just about any outdoor venue. Movie nights are becoming very popular among cities, businesses, schools, and churches. So that you can turn your outdoor movie event into a success, you have to make sure to choose the right company to do this for you and make the overall experience less of a hassle on your part.

Below are some of the most important questions that you must ask the company that you will be hiring to create your outdoor movie event.

Do you have any insurance and how much of this insurance do you have?
The first time you meet with the company, make sure to seek a copy of their insurance to operate on their job. Do not just settle with mere paper. You also have to verify their insurance coverage from the insurance company itself that they have written on paper. Check if the business has insurance to operate an outdoor movie event or not.

Do I need a movie license for my outdoor movie event?
Steer clear from companies who answer this question of yours with a ‘no.’ You see, for outdoor movie events most especially those that will be viewed by the public, a movie license must be secured. If you will not and the company will say that it is just fine not to have one, you are definitely breaking copyright laws. According to copyright laws, outdoor move events need a public performance license to be secured. Exceptions to these laws are expected when the event will just be done for person purposes or just at your own backyard.

What is the brand of the movie screen that you use?
Presently, there are only three official inflatable movie screen manufacturers namely, EPIC, Open Air Cinema, and AIRSCREEN. When the company fails to mention any of these three or does not have the slightest of ideas what equipment they are using, then clearly, they are not so sure about the things that they are doing. Bear in mind that the brand of movie screen that will be used for your event will have some influence on how presentable your movie will be and how safe your entire outdoor movie event will turn out.

What kind of screen surface are you using?
Screen surfaces coming from the best companies are those that come in theatrical grade just like that you see in movie theaters. The screen quality is measured in gain. For the image to be colorful and bright, the screen surface must be highly reflective. When inexpensive and big box store screens are used, you can expect the surface to just be see through with its plastic or cloth surface allowing only little reflection to be made. This results in a poor or dull image quality.

What kind of projection or sound are you using?
There are some companies that tell you that they use the latest in video and audio. Do not be quick to believe them. Make sure to do some research on your own about the latest in video and audio equipment and find out if the company really uses them now.