Important Reminders in Using Your Appliances Outside

There are different reasons why you would want to utilize your household power supply outside. Using chainsaws, lawn mowers, and eco-friendly garden equipment necessitate the need to use your inside power supply. Thinking of having a party? For sure, you will be using some lights, your stereo, and a little beer fridge outside. Maybe one of these days you will be up for watching your favorite show from your television under the shade of a tree. Whether your reasons are for some leisure time or for practical uses, any electrician will surely tell you that the risks of electricity on the inside of your home are just the same on the outside. Thus, before plugging in your extension wires and rolling them on the outside of your home, make sure to take note of the following reminders before using your appliances outside.


Using outdoor outlets
Outdoor outlets are not the same as the ones you find in the inside of your home. You have to make sure to keep your outdoor outlets weatherproof by covering them at all times if you will not be using them. However, if you will be using them during the rainy or wet weather, make sure to get a cover that is made for this particular purpose. Do not forget to have an RCD or residual current device installed to your outdoor outlets even for your indoor outlets. They are more commonly called safety switches. These switches help keep track of the current of your circuit and will switch off automatically if they detect some danger present.

 Assessing power cords
Always check your power cords if they are in good condition before you will be plugging your appliances. Assess its entire length if it has any scratches or holes in it. If you find any of these things in your power cords, never use them. Having some holes in your cord means that there is now moisture inside of it that will usually result to a quick earth ground effect.


Steer clear from damp or wet locations
Any water that comes into contact with the circuit will result to the circuit grounding. Basically, anyone in contact with this kind of circuit will be in grave danger. Despite having a safety switch installed in your circuit, it will still trip because of it. When you insist on using your outdoor appliances in a damp location, you will not only end up getting frustrated and delays but also you will be suffering from serious personal damage. This is good news for procrastinators. You see, you should never use your electric mowers when the grass is still well. This basically gives you a good excuse to just do the job later on.

Monitor your cord constantly
Despite taking all the necessary precautions in using your appliances outdoors, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that might happen to you and your appliances, most especially if you will be moving around a number of times. If it so happens that you will be using appliances with blades such as a hedge trimmer or a mower, make sure to monitor where your power cord is as well as how in close proximity you are to it. Slicing into your cord will not just cause serious damage to your appliance but to yourself as well.