Planning the Perfect Outdoor Bedroom

A lot of home owners always want to bring something unique to their homes be it their indoor area or their outdoor area. In terms of their outdoor areas, they make sure to create outdoor kitchens and living rooms by adding some patios and decks outside. They make sure to pick out only durable and strong wicker furniture so that they can have a much better relaxing and entertaining area.

Despite the fact that the abovementioned outdoor rooms are the most common choices of most home owners, there are actually other options if you just think outside of the box. Ever heard of outdoor bedrooms? Yes, you read that right. Outdoor bedrooms can also serve as an outdoor living area addition to your home.

An outdoor bedroom is a perfect outdoor living area addition for people who love to get a view of the stars above and sleep under them. Never settle sleeping inside a tent in your backyard. By having the right tools, you can surely come up with the perfect outdoor bedroom plan for your home. This is the ultimate outdoor living space that you can be in to enjoy the warmer summer nights and having romantic evenings under the stars.

• Choose a roof: For your outdoor bedroom, make sure to include a roof above your head. This gives you some assurance that you can protect yourself come any inclement weather. Having a roof on your outdoor bedroom while taking an afternoon nap also ensures you that you will be kept safer from the harsh rays of the sun. You can also get some shade on your outdoor bedroom so that this part of your house can have a cooler temperature than other parts of your backyard.

• Create walls: Since your outdoor bedroom is meant to be part of your outdoor space, you must make sure to not keep it entirely enclosed. However, you also want to keep yourself protected from bugs and the sun. Add curtains to serve as your walls for the sun to be away from you during the day and the early morning while you are sleeping. You can also add some mosquito netting so that no bugs or insects will crawl into your bed.

• Install comfortable flooring: Having an outdoor bedroom again does not imply that your feet must be dealing with concrete, wood, dirt, or grass flooring. As you wake up in the morning, what a great feeling it would be to step on a floor that is comfortable. You can choose to go barefoot by installing an outdoor rug, rubber flooring, or an outdoor carpet of your choice.


• Go beyond just having a bed: Of course, no bedroom is complete without any bed. However, you should not just settle with having a bed, you must also add other kinds of furniture in your outdoor bedroom space to make it more comfortable and not just intended for sleeping. Choose some wicker furniture like a love seat, sofa, or a day bed. This enables your outdoor bedroom to be used more than just for sleeping but for chatting with your loved ones, reading your favorite books, or just simply sitting down and watching the sun set.