Some Fall Outdoor Activity Ideas to Introduce to Your Kids

As the summer season shifts to the fall season, you will notice that temperatures will now become cooler and the leaves of the trees being to change colors showing a beautiful scene outdoors like no other. This does not mean though that the fun times should end. For your kids, the fall season is one of the best times for them to enjoy the outdoors and play with autumn colored leaves while wearing their new jackets. There are a number of fall outdoor activities that are just fun that you can introduce to your kids where you can also play with them as well.


Leaf pile
Until this day, nothing compares to the feeling and memories that one can make with this so-called activity of playing with leaf piles. This fall outdoor activity has been around for generations, so there is no doubt that not only your kids will enjoy it but the adults as well. Allow your kids to go outside of your home to help you rake the fallen leaves and arrange them into piles on your backyard. You can opt to do one big pile or do several smaller piles. You then let them fall back onto or jump into the pile. You can also play a game of hide and seek by having your kids hide in the piles. Playing with crunchy leaves can be all too fun. The sky is the limit with the many things that you can do with them. You can even make a leaf fort, leaf beds, and some leaf rain.

Leaf collecting
This particular activity is another fun outdoor activity that you can introduce to your kids during the fall season. Secure a good container to put various leaves in good condition inside of them. You then walk around with your kids around the neighborhood to find as many colors and kinds of leaves as you can. If you are knowledgeable about trees, you can teach your kids about them. As you go home, you then ask them around which leaf comes from this tree and so on. As you bring the leaves that you have collected home, you can press them in a book or create pieces of art with them.


Tree planting
Most people assume that tree planting is best done during the spring season, yet this is not always the case. There are certain tree species that are best planted during the fall season. This allows the trees to now be more established when finally, the spring or growth season finally comes in. You can let your kids help plant some trees with you. Your kids can come in handy in digging some holes for you as most of them are fond of playing with dirt. In addition to digging holes, they can also assist you in filling those holes. They can be great helping hands as well for surrounding the base of your tree with some bark and leaves for them to remain well nourished. They can also help you in watering and watching the tree that you have planted grow come the warmer seasons.