Spending More Time Outdoor: Why You Should Try

Have you ever wondered how Outdoors can give you even more than what you expect? Since thousands of years ago, humans spent most of their time outside the room. Believed or not, being outdoors is like giving new passion for many people in today’s modern times. Therefore many people are happy to do various outdoor activities or in the wild such as hiking, camping, and so forth.



Nature has many benefits for us need it. But sometimes we forget that outside a box that has a roof, there is million energy that can make the body and mind much better. Much research has been done related to the relationship between physical and mental health of humans with outdoor activities. The results show that there is indeed a positive correlation between human health and outdoor activities. Here are some reasons why you should do more outdoors.

1. Prevent myopia with the help of sunlight

Myopia or farsightedness has increased in children in recent years. Research suggests that lack of sun exposure is a major cause of myopia in children. The researchers recommend that the body is exposed to sunlight two to three hours a day to prevent children developing myopia. For those of you who want to have and help your children to have healthy eyes. Try outdoors and find sunshine.

2. Helping mental health

Researchers at Stanford University found that people who walk 90 minutes in nature can lower the burden of thoughts caused by depression. In contrast to that run for 90 minutes in urban areas. People who walk in nature rarely experience anxiety, negative thinking, and negative influences, as well as more positive emotions. If you have loads of mind, try to explore nature and breathe in the fresh air.

3. Improving academic performance
The Finnish study found that adequate to full activity was directly correlated with better reading comprehension, reading comprehension, and arithmetic skills. Similar studies in older children achieved similar results.

4. Helps to reduce the stress level naturally

David Strayer, a psychologist at Unversity of Utah, says that our brain is not a tireless machine, our brain is easily weak. If we do something slowly, stop the busyness, and enjoy the beautiful natural environment, we not only feel recovered but also increased mental performance.

5. Improve physical health

The research found that relationships with nature can provide resilience to face challenges in everyday life. Spending time in nature has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and have a long life among the elderly.