The Many Benefits of Using Outdoor TV Cabinets for Outdoor Advertising Purposes

Outdoor advertising can be done in a number of ways. The more traditional methods include billboards, ads on the sides of buses, ads found on bus shelters, six feet tall totem systems, and static posters. However, with modern methods, outdoor advertising is evolving. While indoors, from airports and shopping malls, you can see signage screens, the same goes for outdoor spaces.


If you look at some locations, they now bear a more digital mark when it comes to their outdoor signs. They offer a wide range of benefits and are unlike the traditional methods of advertising that seem to be dwindling.

Outdoor digital signage allows the use of only one TV screen for displaying different ads, more eye-catching content, mobbing images, content scheduling, and centralized and remote uploading. With all of these benefits in mind, for sure, static signage is already losing its touch and relevance.

Despite the fact that outdoor digital signage is becoming popular, there are still certain downsides to them over the traditional outdoor advertising methods. To begin, the initial set-up and installation cost for one can be quite pricey. You basically have to invest a considerable amount of your money just so you can pay for content creation, installation, networking, and outdoor screen costs. These factors alone have made some business owners step back from taking a more digital approach to outdoor advertising. Compared with standard devices, outdoor digital signages tend to still be more expensive. Though most outdoor plasmas and LCDs used for outdoor digital advertising purposes are decreasing in price, you still have to invest a hefty amount of your money for them.

All of these downsides should not put you off outdoor advertising. One way to enjoy the great number of benefits that outdoor advertising offers is to use outdoor TV cabinets. Not only will they help you do outdoor advertising more effectively but also they are not too expensive. With the use of outdoor TV cabinets, you can just make use of your typical TV devices and have them placed on these cabinets on outdoor places and locations with favorable outdoor conditions and temperatures.

Outdoor TV cabinets also offer the benefit of being weatherproof as well as waterproof. So, there is no doubt that it can withstand varying weather conditions from rains, hails, and snow. These TV cabinets also come with climatic features that are effective at keeping internal temperatures stable and making sure that your TV devices are operating at optimal levels.

Most outdoor digital signage screens are typically placed in unsupervised locations that can be at risk of being vandalized. Thus, when applying outdoor advertising options, protection is a must. With outdoor TV cabinets, they are made of steel allowing some form of shatterproof defense for your TV screens ensuring that their display is protected. This is a must among digital signages because they will not be visited regularly by technicians like static signages. Uploading of content into your digital signage in a remote manner implies that you will not have any idea at all if the screen is already damaged. It becomes too late to notice that your screens are damage and so you end up wasting your time and money in having your digital screens repaired and then maintained and sacrificing your down times.


With finite lifespans of TV screens, you can expect them to be regularly replaced by you. And so, using the same outdoor TV cabinet all over again will just be fine and all you have to do is just replace your TC screens.