Top Tips to Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture in Pristine and Clean Condition

Buying reliable, durable, and attractive outdoor furniture pieces is just the start of establishing a lasting relationship with them. You see, for your outdoor furniture to last a long time, you must be sure to keep them well maintained, well cleaned, and well taken care of. Your outdoor furniture could get easily damaged by harsh outside conditions such as scratches, bumps, breakage, mildew, dirt, and sunshine. As an outdoor furniture owner, it is your responsibility to make sure to apply the necessary techniques to keep them well cleaned for a long time. You must thus monitor them regularly as well as the harsh outside elements that they need to face on a regular basis.

Usually, the materials with which outdoor furniture pieces are made of are telling of their classification. Such furniture pieces can thus be made of plastic, cast or aluminum cast, steel, wood, and wicker. Each of these furniture materials has specific techniques and methods that must be used to clean and take care of them.

1. Wicker outdoor appliances
Typically, outdoor appliances made of wicker are painted with latex. But then, as time passes by, the paint will eventually peel or tear off and the furniture piece will end up losing its moisture leading it to sag. Painted outdoor appliances are just very easy to clean. To remove unnecessary residue or dust from your furniture, make sure to use either a soft dampened cloth or a soft bristled brush. You let it dry overnight or until the next day. If you will have a hard time removing the stains, you can have the furniture repainted instead. For loose ends, you can use some wood glue to attach them and finish them off using a good latex paint. Just do not forget to choose a paint color that blends seamlessly with your original paint color. For better protecting your outdoor furniture, you can apply an oil finish.

2. Wood outdoor furniture
Different kinds of timber are usually being used to make outdoor furniture. With their being different, you can check out hardwood facts centers online to get some idea of how you can effectively clean your type of wood outdoor furniture. You will usually see information on the most suitable cleansers depending on your particular type of timber online. Only get wood outdoor cleaning tips from the professionals when it comes to your outdoor furniture.

When polishing your timber furniture, use cotton and other cloths that are lint free. Just apply a suitable amount of furniture polish on this piece of cloth and rub it on the surface following the direction of the grain of the wood. Make sure to follow the same direction for the entire furniture to make their look more defined. To prevent stains and smudges, make sure to only utilize one type of furniture polish for all your wood outdoor furniture.

3. Cast iron and steel
Steel and cast iron are the most prone materials to corrosion and rust. They are usually protected from these effects with the use of some paint and clear finish. You can have this type of outdoor furniture cleaned by using only mild detergents. To give a fresher look to them, you can treat them using your car wax. Make scratches less obvious by adding light coats of painting.