Why Having a Traditional Picnic With Your Child Is a Good Outdoor Activity Idea

If you want to spend more time with your child and the weather is cooperating, why not plan a traditional picnic with them? Traditional picnics are actually one of the best outdoor activities that you can introduce to your child to let them in on how old-school outdoor fun gets to be done. During the planning and preparation stages of your picnic, be sure to have your child participate in every minute of these stages. Putting together a traditional picnic with your children is just very simple and easy and worth every bit of your time and effort as a parent.

During the planning stage of your traditional picnic with your child or children, do not forget to vote on what is the best location for you to have the picnic that you have prepared. Some picnic locations that you can choose from include your own backyard, local nature areas, as well as your neighborhood parks. After determining your picnic location, you then proceed on deciding the time and day for your traditional picnic to ensue. Picnics are can be done at anytime of the day and not just during lunch time. So, you can have it during breakfast time as well as dinner time all depending on the decision you and your child have come to agree.

After determining the basics of your traditional picnic, that is your location, time, and day, you then proceed in figuring out what menu you must prepare. Since you will be involving your child in the preparation of your picnic, choose a less complicated menu that you can have your child or children help with. Some of the most common food menu for your traditional picnics include healthy cookies and drinks, vegetable and fruit sticks, and finger foods. If you have decided to have a picnic during breakfast time, then you must not forget to prepare hot chocolate to bring with you during for cool morning breeze.

Traditional picnics also imply the use of a picnic basket. However, if you do not have any with you, you can have a plastic tub to carry your picnic supplies and food. On the other hand, you can also have your children have a plain cardboard box decorated to serve as your picnic basket. Do not forget to pack your tablecloths, cups, utensils, and more paper goods. Rather than using a tablecloth to lay on the ground, you can also use twin sheets or a lap-size blanket throw.

You can include bringing a book about picnics with your child so that you can then enjoy reading its content together with them. Your choice of book will have to depend on the age of your child. You can find a lot of picnic books in your local library easily. Reading is another fun outdoor activity that you can do with your kids aside from having traditional picnics.

And last, no old-school picnic is complete without fun activities and games. You can organize relay races, go on a nature walk, fly a kite if the day is breezy, and play catch with your child by making sure to bring a ball along with you. In terms of old-fashioned relay races, you can let them do a kangaroo race, carry-an-object-in-a-spoon race, wheelbarrow, race, sack race, and three-legged race.