Why Outdoor Play is the Matter

If you wonder how much times have changed, then you can make the decision for Outdoors. The technology development may provide so many benefits, including the ease to get or do anything. However, you should remember that playing outdoor is a great option, even more, if you spend almost your time indoors. You surely know that doing activities outside is good for your health since it can give you various benefits. For your information, there are fun facts about outdoor that most of you didn’t know.

– Surveyed elders stated that they spent more than 40% of their playtime outdoors while today’s children spend less than 10% of their free time outside.

– Sixteen percent of youngsters will utilize the recreation center when the sun is out, yet amid the winter months, 44% of kids don’t play outside by any means.

– Those who lack access to outdoor play and exercise have more risk of being obese and overweight.